This is a week to take one hour at a time.  The big events are Sue’s surgery Tuesday morning, prepare a new message series on John, ACC choir singing in Anchorage at the Native Musicale Monday night, prepare contract and architectural drawings for acoustic consultant, attend district minister’s meeting Thursday and begin Easter choir rehearsals Thursday night.  Add to that AWANA, staff meeting, worship sound meeting and four basketball games and the week fills up compactly.

I’ve been thinking about worship.  One element of worship is dependence … dependence on God.  So I pray, “Lord Jesus Christ, sustainer of the galaxies, please sustain me and my family this week by your infinite power.”

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One Response to Dependence

  1. tdwhite says:

    Sue has surgery this morning?  Well…we’ll pray that it goes well. Be sure to let us know if any “news” comes out of the district ministers’ meeting.


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