Hike and Moose Kill

Sunday night I went for a hike.  Several people had told me about how little snow was in Cooper Landing area, so that’s where I headed with grand plans to go in nine miles, spend the night, and return Monday morning.  True, there was very little snow, but the trails were covered with ice, and very slick.  Since I didn’t take my snow shoes along, I knew I wouldn’t make my destination before nightfall, so I diverted and went to Russian River campground instead, observing the fascinating ice formations along that world famous salmon stream.  It was a beautiful day.  It was great to be with my family at home at night, too.

The church got a call yesterday for a moose kill.  Roy and Jeffrey McNutt and Lance Parmely helped me get the moose.  It was off the road near Clam Gulch, down in a gully on a stream bed.  After my foot broke through the ice we decided to get some ropes from Roy’s house and pull the animal onto a snowmachine trailer and take it back to the house for butchering.  Ahhh … out of the bitter wind … that was much nicer.

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One Response to Hike and Moose Kill

  1. baked_alaska says:

    oh i miss alaska! i am glad you didn’t slip and twist your ankle or something on the ice. Are you excited for summer to come so you can do some real hiking? 🙂 I want to too!  it seems crazy that jeffrey could possibly be old enough to assist with a moose road kill. wow…

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