Nairobi Report

Micah MacElveen sends this summary of his recent mission trip to Nairobi.

“Nairobi equals youth. This capital city of Kenya is home to 3.3 million Africans, 80% of which are below the age of 30.Young people are everywhere.The country has been ravished by a multitude of deadly diseases including; Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Aids, and Malaria, which all contribute to the short life expectancy. Reality has left Nairobi in a situation that dictates that I focus spiritual efforts on the target group, youth. But how?

“It was eye opening to see masses of children come running as I walked through the slums. They would yell, “Muzungu, Muzungu” which means “White man.” The children in some remote parts were shocked to see a white man in their slums, and overwhelmed when my shoes would come off for a quick game of soccer. Once the ball was rolling the crowd would start gathering. That’s when the how was answered. Our desire is to use soccer, and the platform it creates, as the median for the gospel. We want to start VAPOR soccer ministries as a ministry of Hope Baptist Church, which is currently impacting one of the major slums in Nairobi. In one years time we plan on instituting the league, training Kenyan leadership to reach youth and disciple converts, conduct several large scale camps, clinics, and crusade style events, all while enhancing the productivity of Hope Baptist Church. I will be coming alongside Hope Baptist church serving under the missionaries, and National leadership their.

“On my initial trip God stirred my heart as I saw first hand just how poverty stricken and destitute the masses in Nairobi are. Though life can look bleak in those places Hope comes when the gospel is embraced and many souls are ripe and opportunity abundant in Nairobi. While their two Kenyan believers and I received permission to show a gospel film at Utheria girls high school. After the video we were able to present the gospel and around 40 girls gave their life to Christ. It turned into a worship service during school. God is real and alive and gave a taste of his ability. That taste, I can’t shake, and now that I am on the road raising support state side I am just counting down the days until I can start serving in Nairobi more permanently. I’ll speak anywhere anytime. “Life’s a Vapor, don’t spend yours on the sidelines.””

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  1. Groovygrl2 says:

    Hey, Bethany’s dad! I’m one of Bethany’s friends and I came across your site and just wanted to commend you on it. Keep up the good work!:)

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