It’s been a full and good week.  After worship service last Sunday I taught Bible at the prison.  It was a smaller group than normal but all were open and I believe God was glorified. Grace Group meeting was at Litchfields’ since Glicks were gone.  The church office was quiet this week, since Justin, Carmen and Dad were gone to Mexico.  I worked to prepare the agenda for Brethren Missionary Herald board meetings which will be in Winona lake in two weeks.  And I met with Chuck Obendorf to prepare the agenda for next Tuesday’s Elder Board meeting. AWANA Wednesday night, and I dare say all this past year, went very well.  We had a great staff and it was a pleasure to help the students with their Bible memorization.  In Council Time I reviewed the ABC’s of getting right with God.  Katie and Kelsey won first place singing a duet at the high school talent contest. Katie’s basketball banquet was Thursday night.  Michael’s first track and field meet was an invitational Friday.   He did well in both the high jump and long jump.  Long jump took so long that he missed his 200 meter heat.  I got a call from Carmen tonight about the Mexico Mission trip.  They are in San Diego for the night and will fly home tomorrow afternoon. Both Bethany and David called this evening from Grace College.  Bethany was able to go to the Chicago Bulls vs. Orlando Magic basketball game Friday night, and David just completed four performances of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Cinderella.” I read Matthew this week for my Life Transformation Group and will be reading Mark twice for next week.  The bills are coming in for Sue’s operation costs but the Lord is providing for them one by one.  She took on a stylish look this week with a new “do.” Worship band practice went well this morning and I’m enjoying studying for my message on John 5:31-47 tomorrow.  I’m so thankful for the many people God has brought into my life.  God has been faithful to his word and I have many reasons to praise him.

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