Moving On

It’s great to be home in WARM Alaska after being in COLD and wet Indiana. It was a harrowing drive to Chicago – Sue and I had no time to spare and the traffic was very slow on I-80. We paid the $4 per gallon fill up charge on the rental car, so we wouldn’t have to stop at a service station and thereby miss our flight home. There was no flight connection in Anchorage to get us home late Friday night, so we stayed the night and drove the three hour drive to home Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon/evening was full, with stage setup, ACC choir rehearsal, graduation banquet and clean up.  I got home at 10:00 PM.

This morning I was inspired by Bethany’s xanga writing.  Here’s an excerpt, but you can read all of it here .

“A month ago we were counting the days, but now…with assignments behind us and finals admidst us…we think where did the year go? can it really be over? haven’t we just begun? are not these relationships finally taking off…people who were strangers a mere eight months before…now comfortable with each other and living in this family…this community…now we must leave?” … “the road leads somewhere new. someplace fresh and new for all. change is not bad, but different. and some may find it hard. but these new destinations, if we choose to embrace them with the hope of what new things we’ll find…  we’ll see something beautiful develop as did develop this year. and it too will be an experience worth savoring, worth sharing, worth living. look for it. do not look for this year, for this year was unique and for it we’re glad. look not unto the future with an agenda or strict plan but with a hope and a trust that God knows what lies ahead. we need not know details. that He knows them is enough. merely rest in His promise of a plan for you. for your life. for your future. make your will his own. trust. and hang on for the ride. the ride of your life. your life. His life. live.”

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