Family Hikes

Since my Sunday Grace Group doesn’t meet regularly in the summer, I’m planning some Sunday afternoon/evening hikes and inviting any of you to join me.  The first and last will be a Skyline Scramble – not for the faint of heart – doing the locally famous Skyline Trail – short but steep.  The rest will be fairly easy and suitable for the whole family.  I will probably schedule too many, knowing that weather may prevent a few of them from happening.  Here’s the first plan:

May 22 – Skyline Scramble – straight up and down
May 29 – Russian River Trail – to the Russian River Falls
June 5 – Kenai River Trail – over look the River Canyon
June 26 – Instead of walking, let’s do a Barbecue
July 17 – Skilak Lookout Trail – gorgeous view of Skilak Lake
July 24 – Resurrection Trail – to the Juneau Falls
July 31 – I’m hungry, let’s do another Barbecue
August 7 – Hidden Creek Trail – with a BBQ at Hidden Lake
August 14 – Where do YOU want to go?
August 21 – Skyline Scramble – straight up and down

So, which ones do you want to do?

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3 Responses to Family Hikes

  1. Elwood2004 says:

    You never know, Dan. I might just come along on a couple of those. I(f you’re at 7:22 tonight, I’ll see you there.

  2. Erin_Hib says:

    Yay!  That’s a very good idea!

  3. baked_alaska says:

    I’m excited! What a fun opportunity to get out and see God’s creation, fellowship with each other, and get some exercise, fresh air and SUN! 🙂

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