Down the Trail

I’m getting good response from people personally and on the web about the Sunday fun hikes.  It will be fun having a plan and something to look forward to each Sunday to get out and see God’s great creation.

In addition, I hope to do some longer hikes.  My consistent day off this summer will be Friday.  So I hope to take a lot of Fridays to hit a longer trail and put on some miles.  You know I love to walk and hate to run, so these hikes won’t be particularly fast, but just steady.  If someone has a particular Friday off and wants to go the distance, let me know.  Tentative plans (knowing some will get cancelled due to other pressures or weather) are to do the following:

May 20 Turnagain Arm Trail
June 4 (Sat) Skyline Trail to Fuller Lakes Trail
June 16-18 Resurrection River Trail
June 24 Summit Creek Trail to Devil’s Pass Trail
July 8 Exit Glacier Trail to Harding Ice Field
July 15 Johnson Pass Trail
July 22 Cooper Lake to Russian River
July 29 Lost Lake Trail
August 5 Crow Pass Trail
Sept 23 Resurrection Pass Trail

What do you say?  Anyone available?

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