Near-Death Experience?

I quote the following story from my niece Hannah Thornton about her family’s harrowing experience Monday:

Well I should let you all know that me and my family seriously had a near death experience yesterday! I’ll make my explanation short. So we went out to Skilak lake yesterday morning to check out some land on Caribou Island my dad is considering buying and building a cabin on. On our way back after spending some time on the island and eating lunch…we took off and the water got extremely rough. The waves were pretty much taller than my dad and I kept hearing him say,”I really don’t like this at all”…so I knew we were definately in danger. Well when all was done and we actually made it to land, much to my surprise my mom told me she thought while we were out on that water that we weren’t going to make it! Our boat almost tipped or flipped probably two times!! scary. For those of you who don’t live in Alaska….if we would have flipped in that glacier water we probably would have lived ten minutes max! So thank you God for keeping us alive!!!!”  (See Hannah’s blog HERE.)

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One Response to Near-Death Experience?

  1. Hey pastor dan! guess what? i hiked yesterday with my friend curtis. I’m in palmer for his high school graduation. We hiked a small mountain called The Butte, it’s about 875 feet tall and parts of the hike were really steep…but the view at the top was so worth it! You could pretty much see the whole Valley from up there! We also scratched our intials into the rocks like some had done before us also. It was a lotta fun…got a lotta pics, and of course, mosquito bites 😛

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