Hiking Adventure

Saturday’s hike was one to remember – both good and bad.  I woke up, not sure if I would be hiking from Skyline Trail to Fuller Lakes alone or not.  When I arrived at church at 8:00 AM I was delighted to find six others who decided to join me on the day’s trek.  The group learned a lot about each other, as the hike I expected to take eight hours stretched into thirteen and a half.  The 12-mile trail itself is intense, strenuous, difficult … maybe even grueling.  Add to that hot blazing sunshine, freezing cold winds, rain and then a hail storm!  Yes, if you could have been there for a peek, you would have seen seven adventurers huddling in and under the hemlock trees for protection from the hail.

We prayed for God’s protection when we started the hike.  Then we prayed a lot more when we lost the trail as we dropped down from Mystery Hills into the Fuller Lakes valley.  The whole group was tested, yet maintained great attitudes, as we bushwhacked through thick alders and hemlocks for two hours.  Jeff Keepers and I acted as scouts, trying to find the best way to go toward the lakes.  After triangulating our position using compass and map, we determined we were too low on the mountainside.  So we headed back up the mountain and found the horse trail.  We paused to give thanks to God before walking the final four miles to the road.

Along with the “challenge” memories, there was great beauty.  The views from the mountaintops were fabulous.  We could see Turnagain Arm and Anchorage, Sleeping Lady Mountains and even Mt. McKinley far to the north!

Check out the pictures at http://kenaitrails.com/Skyline%20Trail%20to%20Fuller%20Lakes%20Trail%20Hike%202005%20June/index.html .

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