Vacation Coming

I will be taking personal vacation time the next week and a half.  My family is busy with various jobs and responsibilities so we’re not going to take a “family vacation.”  Instead I will be in and around, doing hikes, reading, spending time with family and visitors.  I have been blessed with the chance to spend some time in John Vaughan’s cabin in Gray Cliffs.  It’s an eight-mile walk along the beach to get to the cabin – then wonderful solitude for two days.  Then Grace College Prof Joe Lehmann arrives and I get to take his family on a hike. I take Michael to NBC Basketball Camp at Alaska Pacific University and I might stay in Anchorage and hike in the Chugach Mountains the two days.  Some days will be surprises to even me, with spontaneous plans (or no plans).

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One Response to Vacation Coming

  1. Hey Pastor Dan.. still got some of that music you offered me for me playing my trumpet in church? The pastor’s wife came up to me and said I could do some specials this summer while i’m home and i’d really like to do that.

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