Vacation Walks

So my vacation is coming to an end and I feel refreshed.  If that’s the purpose of being “on holiday” then this one was effective.  I jammed in as much hiking as possible, a little over fifty miles.

  • Captain Cook Park to Gray Cliffs
  • Kenai River Trail
  • Skilak Lookout Trail
  • Mt. Marathon
  • Near Point and Middle Fork Campbell Creek Trail to Long Lake
  • Some of the Powerline Trail

I enjoyed meeting new people at the Peninsula Outdoor Club meeting, and people along the trail.  Want to write more, but it will have to wait…

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One Response to Vacation Walks

  1. baked_alaska says:

    One of the case managers I work with is in the Outdoors Club. She always talks about it. Her name is Tracie, but I’m not sure on her last name. Did you meet a Tracie at the meeting?

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