Holiday Weekend

My weekend started early when I took a vacation day and drove to Anchorage Wednesday to pick up brother-in-law Jim Hawkins and his children Joe Ben and Ibby.  They arrived from Michigan and are staying with Sue and me for a month.  While in Anchorage I enjoyed the Loussac Library and discovered the Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking store.  I found the perfect back pack, marked down 66%, but there wasn’t one my size.  (It wasn’t perfect, then, was it?)

Thursday was a fairly intense work day.  Then Friday and part of Saturday I worked with a chain saw helping Jim to clear some property in preparation for putting in a septic system.  After Jim slipped and his saw blade cut through jeans and a bit of his leg, I was very careful, you can be sure!  (His leg is fine.  My emergency kit came in quite handy.  Mole skin can be made into an excellent large bandage!)

Teaching Sunday School,  preaching during worship, then leading parts of the community God and Country Rally Sunday night made for a full Sunday.

The 4th was filled with good holiday stuff. I greased up the trombone slide and played in Nelson Amen’s Dixieland Band in the Kenai parade and on the Green Strip after the parade.  My family joined Betty Gelinas, Barb Johnson, Mark Davis and the McClures in celebrating Kate Gelinas’ birthday.  Then the Thornton extended family met at my parent’s home for great dinner food and croquet.  (Am I too competitive? I don’t think so … I just like to win!! )

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