Yesterday, Michael scored two touchdowns in his first high school football game.  His efforts, one an option run – the other a quarterback sneak,  won the game for Skyview against Soldotna.  I’m a proud father …

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  1. akhibs says:

    This is very good news for the mighty Panthers!!!  Way to go, Michael!

  2. I’m encouraged to see that you’re reading Harry Potter.  When Book One came out, Philip was in the 6th Grade, and everyone from his teachers at the Christian School to his Youth Pastor was talking about it.  When I asked him what they had said, his summary always started out with the words, “Well, they said they hadn’t read the book themselves, but . . .”  
    So we (Philip and I) read the book together so we could talk about it and so that Philip could talk to his friends about it.  For me, the most disturbing thing about the book was its portrayal of spiritual power (i.e. “magic”) as being a neutral force, like electricity.  Magic itself was not good or bad–it depended on how you used it.  But that is not true!  There is great spiritual power at work in our world, but that power has a personality that wields it–whether it be the will of the loving but just heavenly Father, or that of the jealous, deceiving Devil.  It took a while for Philip to understand that concept, but it was one worth teaching.  Another good place to point this out is Mark 4-5, where we see Jesus’ power over the wind and waves used to bring calm and order contrasted with the demon-possessed man who lived in the tombs and was constantly injuring himself.  Both stories revealed great power, but the power was directed at very different ends!

  3. YAY FOR COUSIN MICHAEL!!! I am so proud of him too 🙂

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