Dvorak Symphony #8 (4) in G Major

What number was that? You never know what life will bring.

Dvorak didn’t like his first four symphonies so he threw them away.  As a result the world only knew what were called his Symphonies #1-5.  Until recently.  Someone “found” the first four symphonies and all the symphonies have been renumbered.  What was 4 is now 8.

This weekend I get to play the eighth symphony as part of the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra’s Summer Festival.  The performance brings together not only excellent local players, but also musicians from the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, the Doctor’s Orchestra in Los Angeles, and the DeVere Quartet from Syracuse, New York.  I have had fun getting to know a lot of new friends and “doing music” together.

Tonight is the first of two concerts.  You are invited to come to Renee Henderson Auditorium at Kenai High School at 7:00 for the pre-concert lecture by Maria Allison.  Then at 7:30 the orchestra begins with the Rienzi Overture by Wagner and Trumpet Concerto by Arutiunien.  After intermission we will play Dvorak’s 8th (4th) Symphony.

By the way, Dvořák was a colorful personality. In addition to music, there were two particular passions in his life: locomotive engines, and the breeding of pigeons.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dan. Bethany got me on Zanga. Just have to figure out the picture thing.  Her car Tucker is getting better but still needs a few things yet.  I talked to David last night and showed him how to change the cellenoid switch. I thinkl he’ll do OK.  Talk to you later.

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