The Hunt

Ah, Bethany asked about the hunt!

My neighbor John Perkovich got one of the moose hunting drawing permits for the area NE of Tustumena Lake.  I’m going in with him for the hunt.  We plan to boat across Tustumena, probably leaving the boat and a friend Jim Reese at the mouth of Moose Creek, where Jim will maintain a base camp.  John and I will take the hunting camp supplies ten miles up the creek to the high open country.

John’s a very experienced hunter, so I have high hopes he will get his moose.  And there are lots of trophy-sized moose in the area!  This afternoon we will fly over the area to get a look at conditions and to try to spot some moose.

As in many hunts, the fun will end and the work will begin when the moose is shot.  In this case we will need to transport 600 pounds of meat plus cape and rack the ten miles to the lake.  It costs at least $3000 to hire horses to do the packing, so John and I will save the money and work like crazy for at least five days of just packing and hiking.  Does anyone want to get a call and come in to help with a trip or two?

This will be a great memorable way to spend a vacation!

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2 Responses to The Hunt

  1. baked_alaska says:

    cant wait to hear how the hike went!  i love you!

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