Answered Prayer

I praise the Lord for a simple answer to prayer. When in Ohio, I took possession of Bethany’s laptop computer, which refused to even start.  After days of facing a persistent “Hard Drive Failure”, I paused and asked God to do what Windows’ Installation Disk repair option, “Ghost” and “EasyRecovery Professional” were unable to do.  Immediately, Bethany’s hard drive responded, I performed an old-fashioned DOS CHKDSK repair, and then finally accessed Bethany’s hard drive and copied all her files.  Now I can send away for a free replacement drive in peace, knowing her writings and memories are not lost.

On other fronts, BMH board meetings in Columbus, Ohio, were very good. Traveling, as always, was exhausting.

40 Days of Community is in full swing at church.  Great plans are underway for the Halloween Fall Festival, Christmas Cantata, Christmas Eve services and Youth Winter Retreat.   Allan Miller has pulled together six trumpet players to do special music this Sunday, with promise of more of the same for Christmas.

Now it’s breakfast time, then Sue and I go off to Alaska Christian College to lead the choir there.  I hope you have a great day where you are.

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5 Responses to Answered Prayer

  1. joshua_tls says:

    It always always ALWAYS amazes me that God answers small prayers like that. I don’t know if that was a small prayer for you, but when that stuff happens it just amazes me. That’s all I can say.

  2. baked_alaska says:

    thanks again! you’re amazing!

  3. Promise_Sing says:

    Hey Danny, um, er, Dan, This is Pam DePas (used to be Brushwood).  I stumbled across your blog and just thought I would say hi!  We are doing great here–still in Lanham.  My husband and I are in the Praise Team at church and coach youth drama.  Tomorrow we are having a Fall Festival (which we are in charge of) to introduce our new Pastor (Paul Mutchler!) to our community.  I was walking through the parsonage the other day, looking at the newly painted and decorated rooms.  I had flashbacks to when you guys lived there, and I used to spend the night with Debbie…  Jon’s “closet” bedroom, and David’s basement room.  And the “L” shaped pink tub.  I remember that your mom would fill it once with water and make everyone take a bath in the same tub of water (NOT at the same time).  Guests always got to go first.  I was always very happy to be the guest 🙂  Anyway…your joke was funny.  Your Dad always used to have (ahem) interesting jokes, too.  I still remember that crazy song about the organist catching fire or something….on second thought, maybe I don’t remember it so well!  Anyway, tell everyone I said Hi!  I always hear great things about your ministry there in Alaska….and to think, your love for the spotlight all started with that solo in the Free Spirit song 🙂  Take care!  -pam

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Dan, For the weather report.  We have no snow here, and don’t expect any for a while.  They are talking about an Indian sumer down here.  Where are you going on your cruise?  You’ll have fun.  Talk to you later.

  5. Promise_Sing says:

    Hey Danny, (old habits) Dan…..  Going to work to do training.  Somehow I convinced my company to also pay for my husband.  I should go into sales or something!  🙂  Thanks for shouting back!  Take care!

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