The Rush before the Relaxing Cruise

I’m writing you from downtown Los Angeles.  For our 25th anniversary Sue and I are going on a CRUISE! We were scheduled to fly out of Alaska on Friday night.  But I was concerned since a lot of Alaska airlines night flights have been cancelled lately due to volcanic ash spewing from St. Augustine Volcano.  Apparently the planes can go during the day, since the pilots can see the ash and go around it if necessary.  At night, the pilots have no such option.
Anyway, our situation is that if our flights are delayed Friday, we would miss our whole cruise!
So, we got an earlier flight, and the only flight we could get was on Thursday morning.  Yes, imagine the rushing about at our house as we had to get all things ready in two days less time!
Well, now we are having a relaxing morning in the Wilshore Grand Hotel (got a great price through planning to walk about town to find some brunch.  The toughest decision today is whether to go see a play (The Importance of Being Earnest), hear a symphony (Goerne sings Shostakovich), laugh at a ventriloquist (Jay Johnson:  The Two and Only) or relax in the hotel.
We gave some urgent prayers and then many thanks to God yesterday when we got to the airport and our reservation changes were all messed up.  Some flights were for the wrong day.  All worked out fine, in the end, with some very helpful Alaska Airlines agents.

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2 Responses to The Rush before the Relaxing Cruise

  1. Isnt God good to us??  He knows you two deserve a break and he made sure you got one!!  Praise God.  Have a ball.  And I want to see some pictures!!
    love Ana

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dan, I was wondering, where all do you go to on your cruise?  I hope you have tons of fun and relaxation. CRUISE ON.

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