Work for ICDI

I’m excited to announce my new job! I have joined the mission endeavor call Integrated Community Development International. It was started by Jim Hocking about 4 years ago when he was given a well-drilling operation in the Central African Republic. God has blessed ICDI in amazing ways in those four years. I am now on board as Chief Operations Officer (USA). You can check out much of what this mission does at .


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  1. Promise_Sing says:

    ahhh, you don’t have to answer my question on the other post now….  We are hoping to go to africa in the fall…that is cool.

  2. longhikes says:

    @Promise_Sing – Going to Africa? When? Where? Why? I’m interested…

  3. Promise_Sing says:

    @longhikes – well, the Ambassador to the United States from the CAR, Emmanuel Touaboy, attends our church.  He and his wife, Mireille, have become our very close friends.  They have invited us to be their guests at their home in Bangui.  His Uncle is the President of the CAR.  We would also like to visit with the missionaries there, including our friend, and the missionary that we are personally supporting, Janet Varner, and we have another ulterior motive that I can’t talk about here, but would be happy to send to a more private email address.  Also, there have been so many people who have passed through our doors from that area, talking about their mission including Dr and Mrs Hibale and their work….especially her “true love stays” program and the new mission she has started with women and teaching them how to sew and to knit in order to support themselves…it is all so exciting that we just want to see what is going on, so…we are hoping, if we can raise our own funds, to go in November, and stay for 3 weeks, which I don’t think will be nearly enough time! 
    So that’s it…a visit…a vacation…a scouting expedition…whatever God wants it to be, really!

  4. longhikes says:

    @Promise_Sing – Send me your email address offline, in case I can help you with your upcoming trip. One of my responsibilities with ICDI is coordinating hospitality and transportation for guests. I’ll be in CAR for several weeks in September-October. Wouldn’t it be ironic to have us reconnect, after so many years, in one of the most needy places on earth? You can contact me at dan at dethornton dot com.

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