My Family

Katie, David, Susan, Dan, Bethany, Michael

Here’s what my family looks like! My, they are as good looking as they are intelligent! Sue is still the greatest wife ever. Bethany completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Grace College. She is on a trip to the Ukraine right now, and she starts her new counseling job at Nakenu in Kenai, Alaska in two weeks. Her goals are to get her license (to counsel) and pay off school loans. David is working at Mad Anthony’s restaurant this summer before going to Paris for two semesters starting in October. Language training while attending university in Paris, then student teaching in Indiana and his degree is complete. Katie is home for the summer working at a fishing lodge. Michael has one more year in high school. They all four make Sue and me very proud.

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2 Responses to My Family

  1. Promise_Sing says:

    WOW what a great picture of all of you guys!  It sounds like you are all doing great!  What are you doing now, Dan?

  2. longhikes says:

    @Promise_Sing – Thanks for asking. I am still working on my Doctorate in Bible through Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana. I love learning, and have had some great classes so far in New Testament History, Prophecy, Luke, Acts, and Research Methods. I’m still playing trombone and have done some conducting lately. My new job (3 weeks now) is with Integrated Community Development International. We are training Africans to solve some of their most basic community problems: clean water, sanitation, preventing AIDS, caring for orphans, agricultural development and micro-enterprise. It’s overwhelming right now, but the right kind of overwhelming, where I know that every moment I give to this effort makes a huge difference for lots of people.

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