Home Run!

Last week, a few miles from here, a Little League team was playing a game one evening. The ball field is adjacent to a large ranch where cattle, swine and poultry are raised. It seems that the game was very close and was hotly contested. It was the bottom of the ninth inning. The team at bat was one run behind with a runner at second base. The batter was nervous, having a count of three balls and two strikes. The next pitch might decide the game! Just as the pitch was thrown, a large hog broke through the center field fence and ran onto the field! At this exact moment, the batter managed a direct hit on the incoming pitch and launched the ball into the outfield! The ball, headed straight for the pig, and finally hit him on the flanks. As the opposing team stared at him, the pig stopped in his tracks, then grabbed the ball in his mouth, swallowed it, and ran back through the fence and disappeared!

The umpire, proving that he was up to the occasion, ruled that the batting team had won, since the hit was an …

inside-the-pork home run!

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