Keys & Locks

Down on the lower Florida archipelago, known as the Florida Keys, abundant wildlife flourishes. There are countless species of mammals, birds, and fishes. One young biologist ran an aviary, and it was his job to take care of the many different birds that called the islands home. This young man, this bird expert, had a tendency to be absent minded. For hours he would lull in his hammock, enjoying the warm, tropical breezes and daydreaming about life and his future. Occasionally he’d fall asleep, and this could lead to his neglect of his duties. Unfortunately, one afternoon his siesta lasted too long, and a disaster ensued.

One of his major responsibilities was securing all the cages in the evening and locking them safely so the birds couldn’t fly off at night. He arrived late to the cages that afternoon, and although he had secured the cages and locked up the bald eagles, the sea-fishing ospreys, the tropical toucans, the marbled godwits, and the huge-winged herons, he had forgotten to check on the enclosure that housed the Florida Bay Seagulls. They had all escaped that night, flying far away in search of food and freedom. What was worse, the young aviary expert lost his job. And it was all because …

he had forgotten to put the locks on the Bay Gulls.

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