“The Grace that Could Be Theirs”

In the darkness of the great fish, Jonah’s eyes brightened  as he considered this insight from God: “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”

“The grace that could be theirs.” There is a grace that could be your experience. There is no fate. There is an open door before each of us, a door filled with unfathomable grace. A door held open by the Sovereign God of the universe. Only those who walk through that door experience the grace. You would think that everyone would want to experience all the glories God has in mind for them, but no! To walk through the door to grace means to leave behind whatever we are trusting for our security. They are worthless idols. They haven’t provided the fulfilment they promised. Yet, we hold on to them. Something, even if it has failed, seems safer than an open door. How we dread the unknown! But God keeps asking the same question asked by Aladdin in the Disney Film, and asked by Nicolas Cage in “National Treasure” – “Do you trust me?” It is in answering “Yes” that we begin to experience God’s grace.

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