Spirit-Led Dreams

The vivacious Spirit who came on Jesus at his baptism, is the same encouraging Spirit who was on Isaiah. He is the same life-giving Spirit who indwells us who are humbly following in the foot-steps of Jesus Christ today. There is no mystery where the Spirit will lead us, what dreams he will give us. Spirit-led dreams are described beautifully in Isaiah 61 — prompted by this loving Spirit, we share good news with the poor, we hold the brokenhearted so they don’t fall apart, we announce the end of slavery, we bring God’s light into prisons, we remind everyone that Jesus is returning soon to reward the faithful and to punish the wicked, and we comfort those who mourn – especially our Jewish brothers who believe God’s promises but only experience persecution.

Do you want to know the difference between our feeble strength and the powerful work of the Spirit? Look for these results: joy instead of sadness, jubilant praise and worship together, righteousness and economic strength in our communities, and renewed focus on our children and grandchildren as our best way to bless and change the world.

Catch the Spirit’s dream – read Isaiah 61.


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