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A few years ago, a friend who was going through very difficult times asked me how she could find peace when her whole insides were in turmoil. Part of what I wrote her back was the following about “peace.” Emotional peace … Continue reading

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Emergency in the Rain

I was driving down a lonely country road one cold winter day when it began to sleet pretty heavily. My windows were getting icy and my wiper blades were badly worn and quickly fell apart under the strain. Unable to … Continue reading

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God of Time

Does God have a Now that is the same as our Now? Does God experience time as we do, with one event following another? Or is God outside of time, orchestrating the creation and the cross and the giving of … Continue reading

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The Millennium – Critique of Grenz’ View of Revelation 20:1-6 – Conclusion

These posts have shown that a straightforward reading of Revelation 20 reveals a future one thousand year rule of Jesus Christ on earth during which time resurrected martyrs will reign with him and Satan will be bound. Stanley Grenz (in … Continue reading

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Wanting to Be Pope

Two boys, Timothy Murphy and Secola Antony, were both raised in the Catholic faith, one in Ireland and the other in Italy. Their lives paralleled each other’s in remarkable ways. Faithfully they each attended parochial schools and they both took … Continue reading

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Dodging Sorrows

“It is possible to evade a multitude of sorrows by the cultivation of an insignificant life.” (John Henry Jowett) If Mr. Jowett was correct (and I think he was) then I pray for you a most significant life and I … Continue reading

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Wake-Up Toss

An English professor was reading Canterbury Tales to his class and noticed that one of his students had fallen asleep. The professor was annoyed enough to send the book spinning through the air and bounce it off the sleeper’s skull. … Continue reading

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