Memories – September 2005 Moose Hunt on Tustumena Lake

Here’s a brief log of the hunting trip.  We did not get any animals.  There was a lot of rain and turbulent waves on the lake.  We did eat very, very well, as you will see.

Thursday September 1, 2005
John, Jim and I loaded a huge amount of gear into our little boat and headed SE across Tustumena Lake. We arrived near Indian River after following incorrect GPS setting, then waves and wind prevented us from going NW to Moose Creek, so we settled in at the Andrew Berg historic cabin.
Lunch – moose burgers, snow peas, mushrooms, onions, hot chocolate.
John and Dan hiked to Emma Lake Cabin.
Dinner – freeze-dried meals.


Breakfast – Oatmeal
Morning hunt, we saw 2 cow moose and a calf.  We heard a bull in the brush and it called the cows away from us.
Lunch – freeze-dried meal
Evening hunt, we saw cow moose swimming across lake. We had to hike through terrible terrain, thick brush and difficult bogs.
Dinner – freeze-dried meals

John and I hiked out to Tustumena Lake and boated to the Berg cabin. We had hiked about 15 miles total in, around and out of Emma Lake.  Wanted to move on to Moose Creek but weather didn’t allow it.  Tustumena is a dangerous lake when the winds are blowing from the Southeast.
Dinner deluxe – mountain goat steaks, black bear steaks, mashed potatoes, baked beans


Wind had died down so we moved early to the Moose Creek Trail.  The cabin has long since burnt down leaving only the Sauna and the outhouse. Set up camp tarps.  Started the Church of the Feather.
Breakfast at Moose Creek – Eggs, ham, fried potatoes, apricots
I hiked the first couple miles of Moose Creek Trail in the pouring rain, to see how difficult it was.  Later the rain died down so we all checked out the Point Lake area, which looked promising.
Dinner – Salmon fillets (with butter, salt and pepper)
Jim was sleeping in the sauna. John and I were sleeping by the fire, I in my tent and John on a cot under the tarps.  A huge brown bear didn’t like us camping near his salmon stream so he tried to scare us out of camp. We kept the fire going all night to keep the bear at bay.

Monday, Labor Day
Breakfast – Eggs and ham
John and I went to town to get supplies and more food. We ate chili, hot dogs and cinnamon rolls for early dinner, provided by Sue at my house.We transported a canoe on top of our small boat going back across Tustumena to Moose Creek Trail.

The lake was impassable so we couldn’t go to Point Lake to hunt.
Breakfast – Egg and bacon sandwiches, with pickles, mayo and tomato
John and Jim cleaned guns. There was smoke in our eyes all day.
Lunch – moose sandwiches with mushrooms, potato chips, crystal light
We tried walking up Moose Creek Trail, going 3 miles, sawing through deadfalls before deciding to turn back.  At night the skies cleared and the stars were the most brilliant I have seen in 20 years.

Breakfast – hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls
Water was again too rough to move.
Lunch – BBQ chicken, potatoes, mixed vegetables
John kept sneaking up on Jim and Dan, proving that a bear could get us at any time.   I read Louis L’Amour.
Dinner – shrimp in stir-fried vegetables

Thursday September 8
Breakfast – moose in stir-fried vegetables
Wind had died down enough to move camp.  We decided to get out while we could.  It took two hours to break camp.  Then we boated across  Tustumena Lake to the Kasilof River, and finally drove home.

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2 Responses to Memories – September 2005 Moose Hunt on Tustumena Lake

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like quite an adventure, even though you didn’t get any animals.  How big do you think the brownie was?  Did you check out the size of the tracks?  Wish we were stilll up there.  Do you still have more time to hunt?  When does season end?  I bet Sue is glad that you are back.  I hope you get a chance to do more hunting.  See ya later.  Jim

  2. baked_alaska says:

    im glad you had the opportunity to “get away” and spend some quality time with John and Jim. I’m glad you were able to spend time in His creation. i, like you, feel so close to God through nature. thanks for sharing about the trip. the pictures bring it to life!

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