The Millennium – Critique Of Grenz’ View Of Revelation 20:1-6 – Part 4

Confusing Improper Attitudes with Incorrect Interpretation

Postmillennialists emphasize that Christ has already received all power and authority, so there is no more authority to be given him in a future millennial reign.  Christ fully reigns now and his power is fully available to his followers now.  In no way will there be more power to transform people’s lives and society in the future than there is today. Similarly, the Church has full authority now to bind Satan.  If he is not bound, it is not because we wait for Christ to come, but because the Church has not had the faith to bind him. This emphasis on present available power is helpful, and a good corrective to pessimism, but it in no way negates the Scriptures that declare that Messiah will reign in a different manner in the future than we have seen, and that Satan will in fact be bound.

Postmillennialists see in Scripture that the final number of the saved will far outnumber that of the lost.  This is based on the “far-reaching effects of Christ’s work of redemption” and is confirmed by the images used in Scripture (great kingdom versus a prison, lake or pit; innumerable company of saints versus the insignificant number of lost). This is a good point and a good corrective for much incorrect doctrine, but Grenz is incorrect in using this as an argument for postmillennialism, because a premillennialist or amillennialist can accept this teaching and not change his interpretation of Revelation 20.

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