The Millennium – Critique Of Grenz’ View Of Revelation 20:1-6 – Part 5

Present Application versus Knowledge of the Future

There is another logical error found in much of the amillennial literature and repeated by Stanley Grenz (in The Millennial Maze: Sorting out Evangelical Options). It is the (proper) emphasis on the present-day application of prophecy which is used (improperly) to deny the need to discern the future implications of the text. Douglas Groothuis, in his review of Grenz, states it this way:

“Grenz concludes with an edifying chapter on “corporate eschatology” which emphasizes that biblical eschatology does not primarily concern the details of the future but rather declares that God’s rule has begun through the Incarnation and will be consummated in God’s good timing. This should give us confidence to live for Christ today in light of a better tomorrow.” [Douglas Groothuis, “Review of The Millennial Maze: Sorting Out Evangelical Options, by Stanley J. Grenz,” Christian Research Journal spring 1993: 49 [journal on-line]; available from; Internet; accessed 16 November 2007].

If God has revealed information about the future which is designed to impact individual lives today, then it follows that believers must know the facts revealed about the future in order to have the kinds of lives today that God requires.

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