A few years ago, a friend who was going through very difficult times asked me how she could find peace when her whole insides were in turmoil. Part of what I wrote her back was the following about “peace.”

Emotional peace – don’t look for it for a long time. Rather, let it surprise you when it comes unexpected. You’ve been beaten down, your children are reeling. That hurts. Some wounds take much longer to heal than others. Christmas will come, your next anniversary, loneliness. Emotional peace will come and go. Times of joy will come more often and last longer. The pain from the past will almost be forgotten. Then one of the girls will get married and who will give her away? Turmoil comes again. Emotional peace is fickle and not to be trusted. If emotional peace were a jester, I would advise you not pursue the jester in marriage, but rather, just enjoy him when he comes around.

Intellectual peace – comes from Romans 8:28 and Job. Become close friends with imprisoned Joseph and exiled John. Their peace is so strong it flows like electricity from their lives to yours. God loves you and has not made a mistake in your life. Say it a thousand times. He loves you and has a glorious and joyful future in store for you. “This momentary light affliction” results in eternal glory for you, and with that glory you will be able to glorify God forever. What you have experienced in some way perfectly prepares you to serve Jesus Christ in the new earth and heavens. As a joint-heir with Jesus Christ you have the full authority of heaven and the power of the Holy Spirit to help you lift your head high and bravely do whatever is right and best.

Spiritual peace – comes from confession and repentance. When I am spiritually at war, confused and beleaguered, I find the “steps to freedom in Christ” at the end of Neil Anderson’s Bondage Breaker book to be most helpful. I give up my anger and bitterness. I trust Christ again. I confess my sins. I accept God’s forgiveness. Power and freedom result. It’s the breastplate of righteousness (knowing I’m completely right with God) that lets me face the battle with confidence.

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