Donald T. Williams wrote, “Few traditional concepts are more foreign to the modern (or postmodern) man than that of hierarchy, or right order. Having lost the concept of a divinely articulated and structured creation, our contemporaries are left facing a world they can only understand as arbitrary. Therefore, they cannot distinguish authority from mere power, vocation from mere opportunity, proclamation from propaganda, parental authority from mere selfishness, male headship from male domination.  More importantly, they have lost the ability even to imagine that there is any difference between these things, or that hierarchy may be necessary to human flourishing.” (“Lions of Succession” in Touchstone Magazine, April 2005, p. 15)

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4 Responses to Hierarchy

  1. myapoctb says:

    Hey Pastor Dan!   So Adam found your site and now all the ACC-ers who’s on Xanga will be checking it out 🙂  This is Cait by the way….I was just wondering:  do you usually put your sermons on here?  I’ll be heading back home for the summer, and I will DEARLY miss not only PG’s church services and family, but the sermons as well, especially as you’re going through John!  Ever think of teaching a class at ACC?  I think you’d be an awesome teacher (and I know I should have gone to choir more often).

  2. PASTOR DAN!! this is Lindsey…. that was really interesting how Adam came about your site…. hehe…well… see ya laters

  3. Dan,
    Would love to see you and Sue again.  Look me up while you’re in town.  My office is in Philatheia 7a, and home phone is 268-9801.

  4. Hi Pastor Dan, this is Reggie, hi

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