Magical Porpoises

Seeking immortality, two explorers set off for the heart of the Dark Continent in search of the lake where, it was said, lived immortal porpoises capable of granting the same on any who were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of them. They had been warned, however, that the porpoises surfaced only for those who chanced to offer to them as a gift something from the ocean from whence they had originally come. So the explorers carried on their expedition a crate of sea gulls.

At last, having journied for weeks through the jungles, surviving both threat and misfortune, they neared the mysterious lake. As its majestic beauty appeared before them, however, the trail narrowed dramatically, and there, blocking their way were several lions resting on the path. The explorers were afraid to kill them, thinking they, too, might be magical. Knowing they could not creap around them without detection, one explorer displayed his excellent preparation by withdrawing from his equipment pouch a tranquilizer pistol, where upon he darted all the lions. As they fell into a trance, the explorers quickly stepped over them. Just as they reached the shores of the lake, a sheriff jumped out and arrested them. “What’s the charge?” demanded one of the explorers. Came the reply,

“Transporting gulls across sedated lions for immortal porpoises!”

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