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Solomon on Planning and Goal-Setting

Thoughts about planning and long-range goal-setting… Proverbs 16:1 – We can and should make our plans. Plans that truly motivate us and excite our hearts are the fuel of life. Yet the Lord is also interested in the reply of … Continue reading

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Too Familiar with God?

Sometimes I wonder if familiarity breeds contempt … toward God. To Jesus and the Jerusalem religious leaders if anyone referred to God as “My Father” that person was claiming equality with God. In all the New Testament, only Jesus uses … Continue reading

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Donald T. Williams wrote, “Few traditional concepts are more foreign to the modern (or postmodern) man than that of hierarchy, or right order. Having lost the concept of a divinely articulated and structured creation, our contemporaries are left facing a … Continue reading

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God of Time

Does God have a Now that is the same as our Now? Does God experience time as we do, with one event following another? Or is God outside of time, orchestrating the creation and the cross and the giving of … Continue reading

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The Millennium – Critique of Grenz’ View of Revelation 20:1-6 – Conclusion

These posts have shown that a straightforward reading of Revelation 20 reveals a future one thousand year rule of Jesus Christ on earth during which time resurrected martyrs will reign with him and Satan will be bound. Stanley Grenz (in … Continue reading

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Stand in the Gap

Recently I received the following question:  What does it mean to “stand in the gap” for someone else?  Here’s a brief reply. “Stand in the gap” is a phrase used in Ezekiel 22:30. There it describes God with arms raised, … Continue reading

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Never Thirst

Have you ever thought about what Jesus meant when he said, “whoever believes in me will never thirst”? In the United States, we often don’t drink water until we are thirsty.  Thirst is our cue to hydrate.  So, the cycle … Continue reading

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