About Me

Hello! And thank you for exploring these web pages!

My name is Dan Thornton. I’m a pastor at heart, caring very much about the spiritual growth and caring relationships of people God brings my way. God has called me after 24 years in Alaska to the Maranatha Brethren Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, a group of Jesus-followers who are committed to spreading God’s love around the world.

I really scored when I married my wife Sue in 1980. Together we live in Smithsburg, MD. Our four grown children are spread out, living in New York City, Indiana, Seattle, and Alaska.

For physical challenge and emotional well-being I plan and execute long hikes. My current goal is to complete the Appalachian Trail by the year 2019 which will require close to 300 miles each year. Another fun avocation is music, playing trombone, directing choir and band, and participating in whatever musical events I can. To keep sharp academically, and to broaden my understanding of Scripture, I recently earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biblical Studies.

This blog will include assorted thoughts in the following subjects:

  1. Current theological inquiries, some related to my doctoral research.
  2. Long puns, just because …
  3. Hiking pictures, thoughts, plans.
  4. Recordings of musical events and sermons.

Enjoy. And let me know what you think. I love discussions and questions. May God bless you as you pursue him.

Yes, the banner picture is from the Philippines. I took the picture as I was hiking down toward the river with the other members of our mission team. It is near the village of Ducligan, in Banaue region of Ifugao Province. Many of the women who were washing clothes in the river stopped to watch as we baptized new believers in the flowing water. God, please continue to work in the people who were baptized that day, that they would grow in their faith.